As an 8a vendor using GovTribe, I would like an easy way to see all awards potentially coming up for recompete that were awarded to an 8a vendor who is no longer in the 8a program or who will not be in the 8a program by the time the project comes up for recompete so that I can identify contracts to target my efforts on.
Right now the only way to do this is to follow these steps:
1- Go to Vendors in GovTribe and filter for vendors with past performance in our NAICS who have an 8a cert expiring in our desired range
2- Favourite all of these vendors (removing our existing favourites that may be there which is a headache)
3- Open up contract awards, add all favourited vendors as a filter
4- Add all NAICS categories
5- Add 8a set aside filters
The current method is time consuming, prone to mistakes, and requires a lot of effort if there is a high volume of 8a vendors that are expiring in our NAICS.
Created by Direct Message to Paige Forwarded to Support
January 31, 2022